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Jeffrey Armstrong Past Events

Past Events

Please read the description before you purchase--This page records all past events, but we also include interviews and events hosted by other entities and therefore the video is not linked on our site but on the HOSTS site or youtube. If it has a price on it - its a class - and available. There is more content to view in the SHOP tab.
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May 7, 2023 | Chaos or Krishna Master Class with Jeffrey Armstrong 230507

Chaos or Krishna According to the wisdom of the sages, every individual will inevitably encounter the stages of birth, death, disease, and old age. How we perceive and navigate these pivotal moments greatly influences the level of stress we experience....

Regular price $15.00

Mar 5, 2023 | The Art of Embodiment & Adapting to Our Environment Master Class with Jeffrey Armstrong 230305

The Art of Embodiment, Adapting to Our Environment with the 8 Limbs of Yoga Although the practices of Ashtanga Yoga are difficult and originally meant for practice in a pure and isolated environment, there is much in the 8 Limbs...

Regular price $15.00

Feb 11& 12 | Join us at the Wellness Show 2023 Canada Place Vancouver

TICKETS: https://www.thewellnessshow.com/ Feb 11 & 12, 2023 Vancouver Announcement: VASA Publishing will be at the 30th Annual Wellness Show at Canada Place Vancouver. This is VASA's 1st year with a booth at the Wellness Show in Vancouver!  We're excited to...

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Jan 3-24, 2023 | Conferences in India -- OPEN link for details. Added as confirmed

If you would like to attend or sponsor an event in any of these cities please contact dimple@vasapublishing.ca for details Jabalpur: World Ramayana Conference: Jan 5th – 8th Indore, Pravasi Bharatiya Conference: Jan 9th – 10th - https://pbdindia.gov.in/indore Jan 10th...

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Nov 5, 2022 | CHCC Gala Awards Night in Toronto

Canadian Chamber of Commerce hosts a Gala Awards night honoring esteemed members of their Community.

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June 4, 2023 | One & Distinctive Master Class with Jeffrey Armstrong 230604

The Ancient Yogic Teachings on How distinctions are Not Duality. This class reveals the many faces of the One Great Truth, through the worldview of unity  in diversity and individuality in immortality. PLEASE register not later than 3 pm SUNDAY to...

Regular price $15.00

Jan 2023 | cancelled Master Class with Jeffrey Armstrong 230100

TOPIC announced closer to the date -- PLEASE register not later than 3 pm SUNDAY to be assured you will receive the LINK on time.  Links are sent 1-4 hrs before the talk. If you miss the live talk & wish...

Regular price $15.00

November 20, 2022 | The Jyotish Gita: The Vedic Philosophical Basis of Jyotish 221120

Recording Available at  2022 Mararishi Parashara Conference  Jeffrey Armstrong The Jyotish Gita: The Vedic Philosophical Basis of Jyotish. "The Bhagavad Gita is one of the pivotal Vedic texts that contains many references to yogic processes and subjects that are the...

Regular price $108.00

November 19, 2022 | The SHORT List to an Ayurvedic Chart Analysis: 24 point Handout. 221119

Available online at 2022 Mararishi Parashara Conference   Jeffrey Armstrong The SHORT List to an Ayurvedic Chart Analysis: 24 point Handout. Even seasoned practitioners will be able to quickly employ this advanced 24 points tool to best serve their client's needs....

Regular price $108.00

Nov 13, 2022 | Sita Ram & Ravana: Where Do they Live Today 221113

If you have travelled to Asia you will see sculptures and temples dedicated to the Ramayan - some thousands and thousands of years old throughout various countries besides India, where the story originated. While the Ramayana may seem a fairy...

Regular price $15.00

Oct 2, 2022 | Where Do The Devas Live - The Secrets To A Long & Healthy Life - Master Class with Jeffrey Armstrong 221002

Where Do The Devas Live - The Secrets to a Long & Healthy Life Monthly Master Classes are held on the first Sunday of each month Back orders of talks are available in the SHOP section of the website - or...

Regular price $15.00

Sept 18, 2022 | Healing Our Earth: Free to join

Date: 18th September, 2022 Time: 5pm BST / 9am BC  Viewers can join by visiting www.healingourearth.com where the whole event will be streamed live and will be available to view next week too. Please join us on an online global...

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Aug 31, 2022 | Conversations on the Gita - Special Guest Nilesh Nilkanth Oak 220831

Once you register to will receive the link Wednesday  Free or by Donation  TIME: 7-9pm PDT ZOOM In Conversation with Jeffrey Armstrong | Kavindra Rishi Special Guest Nilesk N. Oak: When did the Mahabharata Really Happen? Discussion on Chapter 18 of the Bhagavad...

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November 17-21, 2022 | The 2022 Parashara Conference 221117

Register here! Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf3lp4e6Bc0ZkFxpOvDOX7g Youtube Video Description: This video discusses a very special two lecture preview of Jeffrey Armstrong's "Kavindra Rishi" for the 2022 Parashara Conference (Nov 17-21). Jeffrey is Lecturing Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 PM EST at The Conference....

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Jul 19 - 23, 2022 | VASA Summer Vedanta Retreat w Jeffrey Armstrong Nanaimo

We are now accepting students for the 2022 SUMMER Retreat with Jeffrey Armstrong --We have confirmed space for 16 persons - hope you will be one of them!  RESORT LINK CAD $1166 = USA $899 (includes 16% Hotel & GST...


Feb 17, 2022 | The Roots of Yoga: Beyond the Asanas: Talk hosted by UBC - HHS Jeffrey Armstrong 220217

NOT available --- The main purpose of this event is to collaborate with UBC Yoga and the ChaiChats project to help educate students about the history and true dharmic roots of yoga. TIME:  6 pm Contact Anjali Gandhi 604-445-0751 General...

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