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Karma is “cause and effect over lifetimes”

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Jyotish Visharada| Jyotish Kovid CVA
Founder of VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & ArtsAuthor| Speaker| Poet | Relationship Consultant| Vedic Scholar

Confidential Vedic astrologer with over 45 years of experience. Consulting with people from all walks of life.
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Jeffrey Armstrong | Kavindra Rishi

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Essential Learning for all Truth Seekers

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Are you looking for a universal perspective?

With a clear-eyed perspective on issues facing the world and paired with his humanity and humor, Jeffrey takes audiences on an incredible journey. He will challenge your mind and open your heart and show you a new vision of a world that blends modern science with timeless wisdom.

"Whatever path toward enlightenment you are following, Transcendental Knowledge will help you achieve it." - Jeffrey Armstrong

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Author – Poet – Relationship Expert – AyurVedic Astrologer – Keynote Speaker – Yogi – Philosopher

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What I have learned has tremendously benefited my life, my business, and reoriented me in how to live in my dharma, for which I am forever grateful. The world needs to hear Jeffrey's ancient teachings, especially now.

Alice Zhou - President/Owner at Gracious Host Events

Jeffrey Armstrong is a treasure of genuine truth, integrity, honest guidance and authentic deep wisdom. About 8 years ago, I had my first encounter with Jeffrey Armstrong, I was immediately inspired, switched on and began to change from the inside out. This hasn't stopped since.

Hana Weinwurm - Canada's Top 10 Fitness Trainer

Jeffrey Armstong is a gift to the world, his beautiful heart and his articulate clarity has helped me immensely in my life and in my yoga studies. I have all of his books and refer back to them often. Jeffrey so eloquently is able to tie Vedic wisdom into the modern world.

Marissa Craig - Wardrobe Film Industry

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