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Interview REQUESTS

Interview REQUESTS

You can view other interviews with Jeffrey on his youtube channel


How to REQUEST an Interview with Jeffrey Armstrong

Firstly, thank you for asking....

Please send your email to vasa@jeffreyarmstrong.com and our media person will get right back to you.

Please include:

  1. What is the purpose of the interview?
  2. Can you provide more information about the organization or publication conducting the interview?
  3. Who is the target audience for this interview?
  4. What topics or aspects of Jeffrey's expertise are you particularly interested in discussing?
  5. What format will the interview take? (e.g., in-person, phone, video call, written)
  6. How much time should he allocate for the interview?
  7. Are there any specific guidelines or requirements he should be aware of?
  8. Will there be any additional participants or panel members involved?
  9. Is there a specific deadline for the interview publication or release?
  10. Are there any questions or areas that you would like us to prepare for in advance?


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