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These are a few of the many FREE #VedicWisdom videos available from Jeffrey Armstrong for your learning experience.

Jeffrey clearly explains many subjects from the Vedic and Yogic paths of knowledge and you can also hear many of the interviews he has given. While you will learn a lot from these videos we still suggest you go deeper into the courses offered on this site – where he has more time to develop the subject.

Please view them on his YouTube channel and subscribe.

Video Playlists

Interviews with Jeffrey Armstrong

Click on the 3 bars for the entire playlist of Interviews with Jeffrey Armstrong.


Click on the 3 bars for other documentaries with Jeffrey Armstrong.

UltiMate Relationship Seminar Testimonials

Click on the 3 bars for other testimonials.

Courses and Classes

Click on the 3 bars for the playlist of FREE classes with Jeffrey Armstrong.

Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

Click on the 3 bars for other interviews or classes specifically on karma or Vedic Astrology with Jeffrey Armstrong.

Interviews on Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar

Click on the 3 bars for other miscellaneous interviews with Jeffrey Armstrong.

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