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Awaken to Your Love

Brave light flickering in the gale,
A pink candle in violet robes,
The night that your tiny flame assails,
Holds gently the spinning globes.

She is the Mother giving birth,
Wet nurse of sleep and sparkling dreams,
Flashes of lightening kiss the Earth
And blush the dawn with golden rising beams.

The sputtering stars wink and fade,
Haughty comets flash their tails
But their light is a masquerade,
Which vainly lights the sky, then fails.

But for the gentle lamplight of your love,
That burns so soft and pure,
All powers below, between and above,
Conspire that it may endure.

Bold light in the endless black of space,
Burn bravely and have no fear,
Rains of mercy will fall upon your face,
The voice of the Mother is always in your ear.

Awaken to Your Love

Copyright 2019 Jeffrey Armstrong All Rights Reserved

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