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Best Selling Author, Mystic Poet

Best Selling Author, Mystic Poet

by Jeffrey Armstrong

Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, Ancient Wisdom for a New World

Published by Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster. A best selling book describing the real meaning of Avatar, now in 9 international languages. At the heart of this book are teachings of the Vedas: respect for all life, the concept that we are part of the same Ultimate Being, and where everyone is able to make the journey back home to the Divine. With the social,economic, environmental, and political unrest in the world today. these lessons from the Avatar are more important that ever.

KARMA: The Ancient Science of Cause & Effect

In this compelling description of the ancient science of karma, Jeffrey Armstrong reveals the deeper mysteries of the soul, reincarnation, the laws of nature and how cause and effect rule our lives. These long secret laws of karma, excavated from the Vedic wisdom of India, will inform your actions and encourage your spiritual vision to see how profoundly all that exists is interconnected in a sacred web of life.

Vedic Learning Deck

Mandala Publishers. A “must have” learning tool for anyone interested in Vedic astrology and how its applicable in your daily life.

God (Goddess) the Astrologer: Soul Karma & Reincarnation, How We Continually Create Our Own Destiny

Won NEW Age Book of the year when it was published in 2001. This was the first book to make the links between the Body Types of Ayurveda and one’s Vedic Astrology chart.

The Night We First Met: A Mystical Journey

Finalist at the Independent Publishers awards for Poetry. Kavindra reveals a yogi’s intimate relationship with the Divine spoken in the ancient mystical style of Rumi, Tagore, and Mirabai as revealed to him in deep states of meditation.

Audio versions of some of his poetry is available online at
www.JeffreyArmstrong.com/Mystical Poetry

More Poetry Books: Poetry Chap Books by Jeffrey Armstrong 1980 – 2009

  • Lotus Eyes
  • Swan of Endless Love
  • This Way Never Lies
  • The Mountain Climbed Me Up
  • Smile When You’ve Had Enough
  • Black Light of the Goddess
  • Visions From the Fire
  • Heart of the Night
  • Love Letters Series
  • Swept Away – A Collection of Meditations on Divine Love
  • There is Only One Love

In Addition: ONLINE Learning Over 400 Audio courses on various topics related to Eastern Philosophy, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Tantra/Yoga, Relationship etc. 

Lyricist: Jeffrey has also written the Lyrics for 3 albums with Michael Cassidy including Change of Heart. He wrote the lyrics for an album with Thomas Barquee and an upcoming album with Patrick Bernard.

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