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Full Life Reading (Natal Vedic Chart)

Consulting with people from all walks of life. YOUR DATE/TIME and place of birth are required. Is your birth time birth certificate or Mom's memory or unknown - let us know when you book. This is the best place to...

Regular price $300.00

Rectification - Full Life Reading - If your time is vague or unknown

Full Life Reading - Time uncertain YOUR DATE/TIME and place of birth are required for an accurate chart reading. If you are not sure about your birth time or it is unknown - let us know when you book. Call...

Regular price $375.00

Annual Vedic Chart Updates (for Previous Clients)

Annual Vedic Chart Updates (for Previous Clients) If you lead an active life or when important life decisions need to be made, this transit consultation is especially helpful. We recommend having an annual 1 hr update to observe and prepare for...

Regular price $250.00

Urgent Consultation Consultation (48hrs) Full Life Reading (Natal Chart)

1 session of 90 mins Choose this option if you have an urgent matter that you need guidance on, or for any other time sensitive issues that you may have to deal with. Please enter YOUR DATE/TIME and place of...

Regular price $650.00

Gift Card - Vedic Chart with Master Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Jeffrey Armstrong gift card. Gift Certificates are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them. 

Regular price $300.00

Children’s Vedic Astrology Charts (under 16 yrs)

In the East, when a baby was born the astrologer was called. From the knowledge offered by the astrologer, a child’s life can be guided in areas of education, health, spirituality and eventually marriage compatibility. It is customary to wait...


Compatibility for Dating Purposes

A Perfect Match. Many clients use Vedic Astrology during the dating process, to help identify a compatible life partner. With this service, they have a comparison done in the EARLY stages of a relationship – to determine unseen factors which may...

Regular price $75.00

Compatibility for Marital Purposes

Leap of Faith. Ideally this service is used when couples are deciding who to marry. But married couples can use a similar process to improve their relationships and gain better appreciation of their similarities and differences.In other words,  what is...

Regular price $675.00

Corporate Compatibilities

The Perfect Team Many corporations are also using Jyotish to determine the suitability of new employees to certain jobs and to assemble compatible management teams. Hidden personality traits and strengths are visible in the chart.$250 for initial consultation.$150 per team...

Regular price $250.00

Choosing an Auspicious Moment: Weddings

Life is full of crossroads, important moments, special events and crucial decisions. Astrology is a wonderful tool for picking an auspicious moment and avoiding the pitfalls of adverse times. As the science of time, Vedic astrology can be used to...

Regular price $200.00

Consulting by the hour - See description

If you have a project you are working on and need some guidance Jeffrey can offer some assistance. Rate $300/hr. Anything over 1 hr will be billed proportionately. Please note this is not an astrological consult.  

Regular price $300.00

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