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Fast Track Sessions (For Individuals or Couples)


Fast Track Your Potential

If you are the kind of person who wishes to accelerate your learning in specific areas, i.e. career, family, relationships, etc., or are facing life changing decisions, Jeffrey offers a series of four 1 hour “Fast-Track” Sessions and this might be your next valuable option.

If any of the following areas are problematic for you, a series of four 1 hour FAST TRACK coaching sessions with Jeffrey will change your life.

  • Career management and negotiation strategies
  • Personal relationships and family situations
  • Communication skills and intimacy issues
  • Separation and divorce issues (for couples or individuals)
  • Issues of fear, risk-taking or setting boundaries

      The "FAST Track" series is booked in advance at a regular schedule time i.e. once a week or every second week.

      Please call the office or contact us if you would like more information.

      Ideally the client has had a personal AyurVedic Consultation with Jeffrey prior to beginning this work – but it's not mandatory – just more insightful. As your personal mentor and confidential adviser, Jeffrey is available on an hourly or monthly basis, by phone or in person.

      Regular Hourly Rate: $300/hr USD Click here

      Personal Fast Track Series: $1000 USD (4 sessions) Save $200

      For couples Counseling please click here:

      We will contact you ASAP to confirm your appointments

      If you have a question before you book call 1-604-385-5320 or contact us to book/inquire.


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