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Achieving Personal Freedom (7 Lessons)

Achieving Personal Freedom (7 Lessons)

Masterfully presented by Jeffrey Armstrong, this series introduces and summarizes the five key subjects of divine wisdom. Jeffrey addresses the core philosophical questions that yogic seekers ask in their search for the truth, including what is the meaning of life, how can we understand the cosmos, and what do the Vedas have to say on these topics.

This is an advanced course series that will also expand your Sanskrit vocabulary.

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Included are the following lessons:

01—The Five Subjects of Divine Wisdom – Intro
02—Prakriti – The Many Masks of Matter
03—Jiva Atmas – Souls Having a Material Experience
04—Ishvara – The Lords of All That Is
05—Akshara Brahman – The Imperishable Abode
06—Paramapurusha – The Promise of Personhood
07—Summary Class – The 5 Immortal Truths

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