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Karma Yoga (11 Lessons)

Karma Yoga (11 Lessons)

The 9 Empowerments for Integrous & Sustainable Action in the World

Practical Spirituality for your daily life. Whether you are a student, teacher of yoga, or a busy executive… These inspiring classes based on the Bhagavad Gita, will reveal powerful insights, profound meditations and create a background of philosophical understanding to support your yogic practice, your personal life and your business. Under normal circumstances you would have to spend many years to acquire the spiritual knowledge and global perspective these classes reveal.

▸ Available format: mp3 direct download.
▸ Single MP3’s are all downloadable at $19.10/class.
▸ When you purchase the whole series at once on MP3 you SAVE, paying just $12.73 for each class.

Included are the following lessons:

01—The Global History of Dharma An Introduction to Karma Yoga
02—Karma – The Path of Right Action
03—Overcoming Fear & Depression by Reclaiming Your True Nature
04—Reconnecting With the Supreme Soul Paramatma – The Goal of All Yoga
05—Raja Yoga – Action on Behalf of the Supreme Being
06—Svadharma – The Secret to Karma
07—Difference is Real – The Philosophy of Karma Yoga
08—Environmentalism as Karma Yoga
09—The Secrets of Seva
10—Karma and the Wheel of Birth & Death
11—Summary Class on Karma Yoga

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