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Kundalini Yoga (10 Lessons)

Kundalini Yoga (10 Lessons)

The Yoga of Fire and Light. How to Enter the Transcendental.

Kundalini is Sanskrit for the life force and refers metaphorically to the coiled serpent of energy that lies at the base of the spine. The ascent of the kundalini within our own body also refers to the soul’s return journey back to the transcendental realms. The great Vedic yogis and Rishis of India have clearly articulated the differences between the material and transcendental realms. Through yogic and tantric practices the kundalini can be reawakened to allow for greater self-expression, leading ultimately to self-actualization or moksha, liberation.

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Included are the following lessons:

01—Matter: The Dark Mother of Enlightenment
02—Agni: The Fire of Heaven Brought to Earth
03—The Devas: The Beings Who Play in the Light
04—Surya: The Eye of the Eternal Truth
05—Soma: The Hidden Gate to Divinity
06—Nirvana: Trying to Grasp What You Are Not
07—Brahman: The Blindness of Seeing the Light
08—Paramatma: The Inconceivable All-Pervading Being
09—Bhagavan: Learning to Be With the Supreme Being
10—Vaikuntha: The Inner Secrets of the 1000 Petal Lotus

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