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The Psychology of Yoga - Complete Course (22 Classes)

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The Psychology of Yoga

SUITABLE for anyone studying Psychology and who wants a broader view than what is currently being taught in traditional academia. In addition, serious yoga teachers or ayurvedic practitioners would also benefit from this course. 

  • A 22 class series delving into the depths of Yogic thought and its psychological influence on the western world. 
  • Includes 2 hours of personal zoom time with Jeffrey Armstrong.
  • 1 hr Sessions booked after completion of the 5th and 22nd class 
  • Certificate of Completion Available from VASA 

Vedic scholar, master story-teller and 40 year yoga practitioner, Jeffrey Armstrong takes you on an initiatory journey into the depths of Yogic thought and its psychological influence on the western world. Jeffrey develops the context in which Western Psychology developed and then takes us through the various chapters of its growth reminding us that in India, yogi’s have been studying the mind and subtle energies for 10,000 years.

Coming in 2022 as a BOOK

  1.  The Origins of Yoga and Psychology
  2. The Thought Paradigms that Gave Rise to Psychology
  3. Male and Female Psychology and the Sun Moon Meditation
  4. The Three Levels of Yoga Psychology
  5. Exploring the Subtle Realms
  6. Psychotheology – The Pinnacle of Personhood
  7. Symbols and Archetypes in Psychology and Yoga
  8. Male & Female | Human & Divine
  9. Modern Psychology and the Ayurvedic Body Types
  10. The Chakras & the Hierarchy of Needs according to Abraham Maslow
  11. From Addiction to Enlightenment: Psychedelics, Psychosomatics & Neurotransmitters
  12. Humanis Empathicus: How We Become the Stories We Tell
  13. Secrets of Dhyana or Meditation
  14. The Atma and the Unconscious Mind
  15. Transitions, Gaps, Black Holes and Quirks
  16. Imprinting and How Our Mind Is Controlled
  17. Body Types and Gunas the Missing Para
  18. Reprograming the Biocomputer with Yoga Part 1
  19. Reprograming the Biocomputer with Yoga Part 2
  20. Bhakti, Emotions and the 10 Senses
  21. How Our Story Creates Our Identity
  22. Ecstasy, Neutrality, Ego




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The Psychology of Yoga - Complete Course (22 Classes)

The Psychology of Yoga - Complete Course (22 Classes)

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