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Transcendental Love (5 Lessons)

Transcendental Love (5 Lessons)

The Flavors of Divine Love & Perfecting Sacred Relationship.

Drawing from Vedic yogic and tantric texts, Jeffrey Armstrong masterfully presents the five aspects of transcendental love that lead all souls toward liberation. Jeffrey describes these qualities of love in a most articulate and beautiful discourse and shows that these 5 levels of love form the basis of all our love relationships.

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Included in the Transcendental Love series are the following lessons:

01—Shanta Rasa – The Mood of Neutral Appreciation
02—Dasyam Rasa – The Mood of Divine Service
03—Sakhyam Rasa – The Mood of Loving Friendship
04—Vatsalya Rasa – The Mood of Parental Love
05—Madhurya Rasa – The Mood of Conjugal Love

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