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Universal Wisdom for Today’s Leaders

Motivational, self-help, psychological, and processed-based seminars have contributed greatly to everyone’s evolution in recent years. We consider those seminars an important foundation for the next level of work. The next evolutionary step is a universal spiritual vision and technology that integrates into modern life while leading towards a sacred and sustainable future on the earth. Jeffrey Armstrong has drawn the seeds of this new vision from the time-tested teachings of India, Tibet and China and compiled them into a complete system of lifestyle tools which include personal relationship skills, spiritual knowledge and health and healing practices.

Jeffrey Armstrong

"Enlightenment is meant to be lived in a dynamic and exciting lifestyle, serving the Divine with your whole being while living passionately in higher consciousness."

- Jeffrey Armstrong

In recent years, an impassioned, creative model of corporate responsibility has become a necessity for human survival. Jeffrey Armstrong’s seven years of corporate executive work in the competitive world of Silicon Valley, ten years of corporate speaking for Fortune 500 companies and 40 years of dedication to Eastern wisdom has placed him at the forefront of speakers and consultants inspiring radical change in the way corporations conduct global business and the way people have relationships.

Most seminars are available as 1 – 3 hour presentations or 1 – 2 day seminars. Go to the Events page to see where and when the next public seminar will be offered.

For all International and Canadian bookings, please contact Jeffrey's office vasa@jeffreyarmstrong.com OR call: 1-604-385-5320

jeffrey armstrong seminar

JEFFREY ARMSTRONG is a former monk, Silicon Valley Executive with Apple Computer and a motivational speaker to Fortune 500 companies. Jeffrey is also a best-selling author and award-winning poet, who has studied and taught ancient Eastern philosophy for over 45 years. He has degrees in Psychology, History and Comparative Religion and English Literature and is also grounded in a daily spiritual practice. His innovative fusion of Western technologies and thought along with the ease with which he explains Eastern wisdom is highly sought after by CEOs, celebrities, youth groups and people desiring to integrate universal values into their lives. He is one of North America’s most knowledgeable teachers of Yoga Philosophy and is featured in many documentaries including Planet Yoga (CBC), Soulvana, Gaia, Fox TV , Wings of Yoga, and the award winning Take Back Your Power.

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