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Why is Ganesha Beloved by All? Jeffrey Armstrong | 200906

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Why is Ganesh called the Gatekeeper? 

There are so many secrets hidden in the iconography that only an initiated Vedic teacher can share the deep secrets with their students. Whether you are scientifically minded or a spiritual seeker looking for deeper answers to life and its challenges, last night's class has a lot of answers.

Secrets of Ganesha - Why the “Elephant in the Room” rides a mouse!

Ganesha is one of the best known and least understood of the iconic Vedic representations of a natural Divine principle - the ‘deva or devi’. With his elephant’s head and human body, Ganapati is the posterchild for the Abrahamic religions' misunderstanding and hate of what they erroneously labeled the “many Gods" of the Hindu culture. The implications in this purposeful misnaming are that the Hindus are ignorant, primitive, and believe in many divinities who are in a cosmic competition against one another. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In fact, each Deva or Devi is the personification of a department of prakriti, “material nature”, and the laws and principles of each department are encoded in the iconography, paraphernalia, and activities of each specific Divine. In other words, they are the metaphorical representations of purposeful laws within the departments of Nature that operate from a location beyond our direct perception. They are divine helpers within the incorporation of each material universe acting on behalf of the Supreme Being, just as employees would in an Earthly corporation.

Ganesha is the personification of the evolutionary process of the living entities as they reincarnate from life to life, going from body to body, as a work in progress. In this revealing class you will learn the names, functions, secrets, and mantras of Ganesha and the role he plays in the yoga practice that guides humans to their final state of perfection. And finally, you will learn why the elephant who rides a mouse was the first child of Mother Nature.


Are you looking for a Universal Perspective? Jeffrey Armstrong’s clear-eyed perspective of the issues facing the world paired with his humor and humanity takes audiences on an incredible journey. He will challenge your mind and open your heart and show you a vision of a new world that blends modern science with timeless wisdom.

Meet Jeffrey Armstrong and the VASA Yoga Community. This is a great time to connect with other yogis and spend time interacting with Jeffrey on Vedic knowledge. It is a golden time slot to be cherished. These gatherings usually only happen once a month. Jeffrey’s speaking/ traveling schedule is tight this year – please mark your calendars so you don’t miss an opportunity.


JEFFREY ARMSTRONG Author | Speaker | AyurVedic Astrologer|Founder of VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts // www.jeffreyarmstrong.com Jeffrey has a unique gift to speak the ancient Vedic/Yogic knowledge in a dynamic and transformative language that inspires audiences of all ages. Featured in the CBC documentary Planet Yoga and Take Back Your Power. He has degrees in Psychology, History & Comparative Religion, and Literature, had a successful career as an executive in Silicon Valley, and was a motivational speaker to Fortune 500 companies for 10 years before turning to teaching full time.




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Why is Ganesha Beloved by All? Jeffrey Armstrong | 200906

Why is Ganesha Beloved by All? Jeffrey Armstrong | 200906

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