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Learn AyurVedic Astrology with Jeffrey Armstrong

Learn AyurVedic Astrology with Jeffrey Armstrong

"AyurVedic Astrology Simplified"

Master astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong takes you step by step thru the process of “seeing” the Vedic charts.

By the end of the course you will have a deeper understanding of people’s characteristics, an ability to hear, see and feel the energetic qualities that the planets bestow a person and the analytical capabilities to read a chart from scratch. Of course, Vedic astrology takes years to master… but learning these layered fundamentals as only a master teacher like Jeffrey Armstrong can explain is invaluable to your learning of Vedic astrology and as a life tool. This 9 weeks of Vedic Astrology classes are based on his best selling “The Vedic Learning Deck” and the “Karma” Book.

AyurVedic astrology offers you inside information to facilitate your personal evolutionary process. It is deeper than psychotherapy and more effective than counseling. Consciously used, it is a tool of personal transformation.

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