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What's Cool About the Vedas

What's Cool About the Vedas

Q. What are the “Vedas” and Vedic values?

Jeffrey Armstrong: The word Veda means ‘to see’, and gave us our modern word, video. Its root is ‘vid’, and from that comes, wit, meaning ‘knowledge’ or ‘what we know,’ so Veda, first of all means the knowledge that we need in order to exist and fulfill our purpose for existing. That knowledge is considered to be eternal and to co-exist with both this world and with the eternal Transcendental world. A student of the Veda, or the study of the knowledge of India, would be studying a library of knowledge. There is not one single dogmatic book, which takes precedence over the others. To be a student of the Veda is to be a student of a library of knowledge concerned with all subjects that support a sacred lifestyle and our true spiritual nature. That library has been passed down from antiquity and is thought by practitioners to have emanated from the Divine mind of the Supreme Being. It is the many ‘users manuals’ for the material world.

Q. You speak and write a lot about yoga in your work. Why do you think, that nowadays so many people practice yoga, although it is thousands of years old. What can we learn from yoga?

Jeffrey Armstrong: Just as a great river may feed thousands of streams with its pure and life-giving waters, so many styles and forms of yoga have been flowing down the mountain of truth since the beginning of time. Yoga is defined as: tapas (regularily performing the right activities that lead to) “svadyaya” (the understanding of our true self-nature as the “atma” eternal self) and culminates in “ishvara pranidhan” (re-establishing our lost relationship and union with the many Divine Beings culminating in a direct connection with the Supreme Being).
The modern revival of Yogic learning is Mother Nature’s way of filling the empty center of millions of humans with the life-giving light of self-knowledge, and restoring their equanimity and balance. Just as our breathing constantly refreshes the cells in our body with life-giving oxygen, so Yoga revives whenever the immune system of Mother Earth is threatened by human greed and malice. Yoga restores our eternal nature through Universal wisdom that inspires us to be in Divine service for the good of all.

Q. How often do you think, we have to practise yoga until we feel the effects.

Jeffrey Armstrong: Everything we do in life rests upon our hunger or desire. Once a person understands that Yoga means “Union or plugging into the Source of all empowerment,” they lose the desire to be unplugged from that joyful and abundant connection. Ask a passionate lover when they want their love to end. As a loyal friend when they want their companion to go away. If someone gave you a free device that provided unlimited electrical power to your home, when would you throw it out? So it is with Yoga, once one has finally experienced the ecstasy and peace of Yoga, living without being connected to that joy becomes unthinkable.

Q. Is there one recommendation you would like to give to the readers?

Jeffrey Armstrong: All yogis are seeking one thing for themselves and all other beings – ultimate freedom to be our truest self. With this in mind, my first and last recommendation for everyone is to consider the possibility that we are all amazing and beautiful divine beings on an epic journey of heroic proportions. Believe that we were never created and never die and imagine a future awaits us that is millions of times more amazing and wonderful that anything we have experienced so far. Be optimistic, forward thinking, inspiring, compassionate and speak of the beauty in everyone around you. Do all of this in the hope that Earth can be made in the image of this vision, while leaving the final result in the hands of the Divine Beings. Serve the Avatars to become like them and share these secrets gently with like-minded souls.

May the Avatars bless you in all you do and dwell in your heart always.

Thank you for asking…Jeffrey Armstrong| Kavindra Rishi

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