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Break Me Open

Break me open darling,
I am not afraid of cracking,
I am the egg of our love,
Take what I am lacking

And break me open to the day,
Spill me out unto the ground,
Like a fragrant field in summertime,
Die with me and we will sound

The noiseless dolphin deeps,
Fly brazen patterns of winged love,
Crash like waves on black sand beaches
And lie huddled in a hidden cave.

Embrace in the chamber solstice eve,
On the pyramid peak, rebirth
And flood the world with mystery,
The magical children born of mirth.

So, break me, crush me, build me up,
Kiss me, pound me, until we mix,
Then from our flaming nest will arise
The reborn world - our phoenix.

Break Me Open

Copyright 2019 Jeffrey Armstrong All Rights Reserved

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