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Drink This and Dare to Heal

There is a well from which we must drink,
In a place hidden, in which we do not think,

Wherein a water lies that is so pure,
Its eternal taste alone will endure.

A drink Divine, a nectar, a sacred wine,
A heavenly cordial, a flavor so fine,

Steeped in the deep caldron within,
This tea is an ancient medicine

To cure the heart, to free the soul,
From the bitterness of life, to console

The sadness and spread the Holy Salve.
It is, for the poor of heart, all they have,

A treasure left for all throughout the years,
The sacred pool of our Mother Nature’s tears.

Drink this nectar and dare to heal,
Open the door and begin to feel

And in that moment when you cry,
The part is born again that will not die.

Drink This and Dare to Heal

Copyright 2019 Jeffrey Armstrong All Rights Reserved

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