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Salome, Queen of the Veils

Salome, Salome, there are queens who ride,
On Arab stallions, white as ocean foam,
With spice laden camels across the countryside,
Ever in motion, always on the roam.

And there are queens, Salome, upon a throne,
Pale, determined, full of hidden fire,
Spiders on the web of what they own,
Black with twisted passion and desire.

But, O Salome, only the queens who dance
Late at night, on a ship with billowing sails,
Can steal the heart with a single sidelong glance
Or move the Earth by lifting a silken veil.

Dance Salome Dance,
Salome cast your spell,
Glance Salome Glance,
Salome, Queen of the Veils!

Salome, Queen of the Veils

Copyright 2019 Jeffrey Armstrong All Rights Reserved

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