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Enchanted Link

Once upon a time,
Which is faster than you think,
Two people fell in love,
With just a smile and wink.

Then to a far-off land,
They flew embraced on golden wings,
Through a portal in their hearts,
For lovers get to do such things.

Across the universe
They went, together in a blink,
In a ship their love designed,
Electric blue and pink.

While there they fed on nectar free,
In forests filled with fairy rings,
And held each other endlessly,
For true love lives in openings.

And so, they passed their days,
In that enchanted link,
Flying to their secret land,
To laugh and play and drink -

From streams of sweet ambrosia,
Which true love always brings,
Their joy is an eternal bird
And this is the song it sings.

Copyright 2019 Jeffrey Armstrong All Rights Reserved

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