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Endless Satin Night

A curtain of silk hung on the stars,
Your hair is my endless satin night,
Jewels that sparkle from your brow,
A diadem of shimmering pulsars,
Constellations of your delight,
Your Sun and Moon eyes open now.

Blazing, fluorescent, hot and cool,
Your eyebrows are a curving bow,
The arrows feathered with your lashes
Flick like larks above a pool,
Fragrant flowered darts that glow,
Your lily brow, the water rushes.

Clouds roll up, your glowing cheek,
Swans in flight, your curving ears,
Your neck a shoreline, creamy skin,
Like bumblebees your dark eyes seek
The form that from your heart appears,
The love that ravishes you again and again.

A midnight tangled forest grove,
Your hair enwraps me, my cocoon,
A bed on which I lie awake,
To dream the sweetness of your love
And hope you will be with me soon,
To taste the sweet love we could make.

Endless Satin Night

Copyright 2019 Jeffrey Armstrong All Rights Reserved

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