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Enchanted Link

Once upon a time,Which is faster than you think,Two people fell in love,With just a smile and wink.Then to a far-off land,They flew embraced on golden wings,Through a portal in their hearts,For lovers get to do such things.Across the universeThey went, together in a blink,In a ship their love designed,Electric blue and pink.While there they fed on nectar free,In forests filled with fairy rings,And held each other endlessly,For true love...

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Falling in Each Others Love

When awake feels like dreamingAnd dreaming is not asleep,So, what is not is seemingLike what we have but can not keep.When knowing is a feelingAnd emotion is how we know,That what darkness could be stealingIs illumined by its glow.When holding is not having,So, giving is not a cage,Then we are not but less by halvingAnd the book turns with each page.When each moment is unfoldingAnd time is merged with space,Never...

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Empty Center

There is secret in my empty center,Undulating waves of pleasureLike a frozen seed in winter,Dreaming of the blazing summer.Nothing is the endless measurePouring forth a rushing river,Calling out within forever,Sacred jewel upon the treasure,Bird in flight without a feather,Magic word without a letterWhispered when we are together.My surface is the edge of never,There is a secret in my empty center. Copyright 2019 Jeffrey Armstrong All Rights Reserved

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Drink This and Dare to Heal

There is a well from which we must drink,In a place hidden, in which we do not think,Wherein a water lies that is so pure,Its eternal taste alone will endure.A drink Divine, a nectar, a sacred wine,A heavenly cordial, a flavor so fine,Steeped in the deep caldron within,This tea is an ancient medicineTo cure the heart, to free the soul,From the bitterness of life, to consoleThe sadness and spread the...

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